Too many info-services - Is there a cross-post client out there?

All the blogging services are confusing me - Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordsmith??? ?? Oh, and Facebook. Really, what is the point? I can't seem to get any of them to sync up.

Who uses the super-post client from Hell?

Does one even exist?

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Unwritten rules that everybody better follow, or else. ;)

You don't sync up your Tumblr and Twitter. If people wnat to know what you post on Tumblr, they'll follow you there. Tumblr x-posts are one of the things I'm happy Tweetdeck filters out for me.

You can easily crosspost between DW and LJ by setting your account at DW up for that and then post to DW, and it crossposts to LJ. Or use Semagic for that. Both versions only work for personal journals, not comms.

You can sync up LJ and Twitter, so LJ sends a tweet with a link to your LJ post. There are services that collect your tweets and put them into a daily LJ entry. I've done the second for a while, but it really doesn't make sense since people don't read it anyway. If they want to read your tweets, they'll get on Twitter and follow you.

Oh, and here's the really big one: Never ever sync Facebook up with anything.

...okay, so you can do what you want with your accounts, but... yeah. *shrugs* Some of that is just me, but also what most people think. Or at least most people I know. Especially the bit about FB. ;)

The thing is, most people don't want to say the same at their different sites. To me syncing everything up never made any sense, because 99% of the time the things I post at Twitter, LJ or Tumblr don't actually overlap.
Thanks! I've been feeling a bit OCD about it today for some off the wall reason. Probably, well, because studying for entrance exams makes me really crazy and I'm feeling really OCD just about all the freaking time. Huh. ::squeezes back::

Did you get through SPN 6 and 7 yet? Since you're not a Cas fan, you'll be glad to know Collins is gone most of season 7, and my theory is that Dean eats him sometime in Season 8 (as in cook over a fire). Probably won't happen, but hey, something for you to maybe look forward to? ::squeeze again::

Check out Continuum. I feel like I've seen it somewhere before, but it's not bad. It's not often a main character is lost in time and married, y'know? Plus, she's brunette!
And I fixed that thing with twitter posting to LJ....
oh, I fixed that thing with twitter posting to LJ as well, since it was so annoying....

On another subject, I tried to read a SPN/Teen Wolf Cross. Didn't work so well, and I thought it might actually be interesting. Everyone in town wanted to be a werewolf execept for the Winchesters.
Re: And I fixed that thing with twitter posting to LJ....
You do realize that I get all your comments per mail, even if you delete them afterwards? Alright then.

I haven't found any TWolf/SPN crossovers that I really liked, until now. I'd love to read one where Bobby has to deal with Stiles, to be honest. :D
Re: And I fixed that thing with twitter posting to LJ....
Yeah, but if I delete them, then I can pretend I wasn't so idiodic as to have written them to begin them in the first place, right? ::snort::

Bobby dealing with Stiles? Bobby would probably shoot Stiles with salt to point out the evidence of his idiocy? After all, Stiles willingly deals with werewolves....