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To-do lists = evil.

I despise to-do lists. They mock me. They stress me. They depress me and spin me into acute anxiety attacks. They are simply evil. The end.
Thanks! I'm trying not to stress. Have to run to the bookstore and see if any books are left that fit my reading list. Honestly? I just want a nap right now, and it's only Eleven am. I'm just tired. I have goals, and lists, and they just aren't.... Well, I'm trying not to stress.

Thank you! Honestly, I will just feel better when all my applications for school are completed.
I've been working through my TO DO list for more years than I can count. Some items have been there since before 2002 but I'm still determined to get around to them eventually. A little depressing really!
You need to add as many steps as possible. Meaning, make "Write List" the first thing and as soon as you've written hte list, you can cross it out. If you have a lot of stuff to cross out, you feel terribly productive and it's fun. :)
Happy B-Day!
I hope you enjoyed your 48 hour summer. I am now mapping out my list for the next three months. And...I am already behind. Eek! I have to run to the bookstore and see if they have any books left at the liquidation. Borders is going out of business. Everything is Chaos.

Happy Birthday, Again! I really hope you have a good one! I hope your school program is doing well!

Re: Happy B-Day!
Thank you very much.

Ohhh, bookstore liquidation. I'd go broke. :)