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Charlotte Temple's Turning in Her Tomb

Yet another author added to my list I need to get through in the next month as I prepare for the GRE exams. Chances are, Ms. Temple won't even appear in the GRE Analytical Written section, or anywhere on the GRE Subject English in Literature exam; but hey, Borders is liquidating, Norton immortalized Charlotte in a spiffy Critical Edition, so I added her to my stack of books. My slush pile is huge.

I probably should reread that Stanley Fish book on how to read and write a sentence, because goodness knows after twelve years past graduate school I've pretty much forgot everything. I'm also going quite a bit bonkers for not easily finding Fish's Is There A Text In This Class? I think. No, I know.

I've spent money on books I could read on-line, because each hard-copy means one less I have to look at on that dreaded Kindle - I need to highlight, sticky, paperclip, and annotate. Ironically, what I really need to do is make a bazillion flash-cards and memorize authors, characters, book titles, plot-lines, allusions, inverse allusions, and such, and so on. Yeah, time to get my head professionally examined. Oh, and BTW, to my new friend out there, I know I owe you a phone call. The PM's in the...PM? Internet Humor. Love it? Hate it? Yeah, like I said, bonkers.

Borders has ten days left before it's gone forever, so Charlotte Temple is Turning in Her Tomb.
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My PhD student writes his comps exams starting in 2 hours. The amount of annotated reading he has done is epic!

I still buy books - I love having them in my hands to fondle and love and mark up :)
I think I'm going generally insane!

I need a third professor for an academic rec! Most of the ones I studied with ...well... are six feet under. I would have to dig them up, hold their bony skeletal hands to sign the letter! Also, can you imagine asking skeletons to upload their recs to the web? I don't think my mentor, for one, would be amused! She might decide to then go zombie on my brain! (OMG, have you seen how many Zombie and Vampire adaptations of Jane Austen proliferate the popular stacks?)