Deja Time Television - Cop Procedural/Mystery Meets Chicky Fanfiction, Cue Season 5 Leverage!

Why do all the plots in Continuum feel as if I've seen them six months, or a year ago? The same with Leverage's new season? True, Continuum takes place yonder up North in Vancouver, BC, and I could just be a bit confused since Portland's name is thrown about (Time Traveling Terrorist Gangs originate in Portland, OR, these days, don't'cha know?); and these year's Leverage actually 'is' in Portland (I think the writers got tired of pretending Portland was really Boston, and now the producers get to run a micro-brew/restaurant).

Maybe the deja vu stems from actually living in Portland? I feel like I've seen all the episodes (well, two so far in Leverage's case) someplace before. Maybe I just watched too much syndicated television in the nineties?

I'm still hung up on Continuum's Time Cop Procedural/Mystery/Romance Meets Chicky Fanfiction/Angst/Predictable/Plots which can't seem to decide if it takes place in Vancouver, BC, or in the United States; because, c'mon, only in fanfiction or early mystery drafts do Canadian Cops try to co-opt Portland Police officers without any explanation, right? It's 2012 (pronounced twenty-twelve, puh-leeze), as the show is so fond of saying, and one can't cross the international border without a Passport/Passport ID - so, yeah, realistic? Pfft? Time Cop girl should have stuck with black ops CIA (cue the Alias theme music).

Just a thought.

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