Killed the Plastic Ghecko!

Okay, so it doesn't mean anything to anyone but me. Just another part of placing the past in the past, for good.

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Thanks! Almost have a life even! ::grin::

Hey, you want to adopt the fk fic community?
Re: Thanks!
2 questions:
1. which specific community is it? I'm working with Brightknightie's fic challenge right now - not that one, right?
2. are you looking to move on? Or just want someone else to administer?

Let me know!

Re: Thanks!
I'd like to transfer ownership. I think you already are an administrator - sorry, maintainer. fk_fanfiction? As soon as other folks came on the scene, they killed my wallpaper anyway. I let it go it bits and drabbles. I'm trying to get back into school, and if the community can have a good, permanent home, then 'All's Well', right? I have a Prey Fic community that I never properly got off the ground and promoted, either. I was too caught up it trying to change fonts and colors, rather than just getting it out there, so it never did.

Maybe scatteredlogic would be interested as a co-owner? Do you know? I'm really out of touch.

I suppose we should take this to a pm conversation? ::sigh::