Patty and Ellen: Damaged Women Screwing [w] Each Other

I've been catching up on the last couple of season of Damages, and Wow! Patty and Ellen have taken screwing each other to whole new heights. Now in it's fifth and final season, the audience is wondering if Ellen will win her case, beat Patty at her own viscous lawyer game, or end up dead at Patty's hand. Of course there's a twist, this show always presents one, but the question remains, will the twist be an obvious one, or is Ellen really dead from a ten to twenty story drop from a building top?

Does anyone know?

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Working on it! (trying really hard to stay away from coma inducing sugar, too!).

Seriously! Please drain about ten or twently GB off that account? Please? You know the one!

BTW, I'm now completely hooked on SPN, but, OMG, the fandom is brutal!
You on tumblr? I'm finally trying to brave the place. I'm currently mutabilitycantos, and mutability-cantos (for a multi-user board) - these are just the names until I can figure something out that's not Shakespeare or Spenser related. Although there's one other name I'm thinking of using, like, seriously, for anonymity if I get involved in any twitchy fandoms on bitchy writing wars. Did you know fans in SPN and Jensen Ackles are ragging on Sera Gamble (well, Mr. Ackles mildy mocked her 7.17 Bourne Again Identity Script in the Public forum known as San Diego Comic Con) for her open and friendly attitude toward Dean and Cas? Fans are one thing, but if Mr. Ackles really wants to make it as a director he needs to not ever disparage a writer's script, especially an executive producer's, in a public forum with a worldwide audience (or any audience), even if he is teasing, He may not mean it in anything other than just, but even teasing, joking, and sarcasm contain roots in how a person really feels, and shows the producers how he is unprofessional. If he ever wants to direct or produce for show other than Supernatural, he needs to watch his commentary. I'll be surprised if Sera Gamble lets him direct her scripts after this. If she does, then I will know that he was just teasing when he mocked her script, but I still think it was unprofessional to do so all. The comment he mad was something to the effect of how his brother was off dying in a mental institution, but here he was with Misha trying to fix his and Cas' special relationship.

Regarding Teen Wolf? Yeah. ::Laughing:: Been downloading that one as well. I haven't caught up with the second season yet. Something to catch up while cleaning the living room today!