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Patty? What The Freakin' Flaming F?

Patty Hewes? What The Freakin' Flaming F?

Damages is making less and less sense as the season goes on. Patty and Ellen are definitely heading into another collision zone (yeah, so what else is new - remember how we met them?), but I'm beginning to wonder if I will care if anyone actually survives this season.

Good thing Glen Close managed to get out of her contract for good, right?

Because I really could care less about the whole Patty Vs. Michael custody battle, and whether or not Ellen will survive the great wrongful death trial (where she is playing lawyer) so she can testify against Patty (where she is playing witness for Patty's bratty nineteen-year-old drug-dealer/lord son).

Right now, Ellen is the only character I actually like, but the show likes to illustrate how emotions equate badness in the world of law. In Damages, because Ellen has a decent moral compass, people like Patty will take advantage of her every single time, and then basically stand around and point out how her emotions and compassion are a detriment to her ambitions, which she has too much.

The two women stay in each other's orbit, refusing to completely break their history. Patty tells herself she still has use for Ellen; Ellen tells herself she wants to still want to consult Patty's expertise. Finally, when Ellen appears to move completely out on her own, all hell appears to break loose, and not just with a case involving international hacking. The two two women, who have been playing mind games with each other for years; heck, Patty even tried to have Ellen killed when she was a first year associate and Ellen actually got over that, believe it or not; have increased the mudslinging, but Patty doesn't quite know where to aim. Since Patty is a lot higher up in the lawyer world, she has a lot farther to fall; Ellen, in turn, can easily make an enemy in Michael if she doesn't deliver her testimony to tune against his mother - she doesn't seem to realize the danger she is in.

But still, Patty? What the freakin' flaming fuck are you doing? What is with your issues with your grand-daughter sitting in your chair and drinking your whiskey? Can you come up with any more disturbing images for the viewing public?

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