Misha Collins, Supernatural Season 8, and Stupid Interviewers Interested In Porn

Misha Collins interviewers? What is your obsession about porn and Sera Gamble? Really? Seriously? Stop Poking at the nice Executive producer who writes one or two scripts a year? Yes? Please?

I'm in the middle of reading an interview with Misha Collins, and just about the first thing the interviewer asks is if Collins hates Sera Gamble? WTF? The Bourne-Again Identity stigma appears to really be a divisive issue within Supernatural fandom, creating a three-way split, uh, literally. (Not that the Interviewer bothers to explain anything to the reader, no, just lets the reader infer, making the interviewer even more stupid.)

Read HERE, at the Huffington Post.

Oh, yeah, the interviewer is oddly interested in porn as well:

Cas and Dean. They're a continual source of speculation, fan fiction, pornography…
Yep. I'm just always gratified that I'm in some small way contributing to any kind of pornography. It warms the cockles of my heart. Words chosen carefully.

I haven't finished the article yet; I'm sure more cosmopolitan fans found this much more quickly than I. I just ran across this in my clumsily explorations on Twitter and Tumblr and thought I'd pass it on. While I enjoy reading and (trying) to write fanfiction, I fail to see why article interviewers need to bring the whole sordid fan-drama-mess to the actor's (any actor's) face and question him about it. While I'm all for reader-response critical theory, that's taking things too far. These are the kinds of questions that push fan divisions even further, which in turn encourage the writers to write scripts encouraging further mocking of said divisions.