Custom Friends Tick Box - Supernatural?

I need to know who all I should sort into Supernatural. I spent seven/eight years on the fringes before diving into that show, and now I'm making up for lost time. So, custom friends tick box?
I'm a fringe fan of the show too... watched every episode and looking forward to seeing more!
With the way Spn Cannon is jumping ahead, I think it is 2014, technically the same year as Dean's little trip to the Future, if that was at all real and not some kind of delusional bubble world created by Zachariah in episode 5x04. ::OMG, I've become a true SPN Geek when I can rattle of names and numbers of episodes. Oh, it was called The End - Hey, I know that 5x09 was called Changing Channels - geez, if only I could absorb English Lit and vocabulary this way. I'd be set for my entrance exams!

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I am in the middle of seaon five, which is scary since I only started watching four weekends ago and um, skipped this past weekend for what end up a rained out concert.
I blew through all seven seasons in about a month. I was pretty sleep deprived. Then I did it again, forcing my housemate to watch them. Then I started in on the fan-fiction. Now I'm trolling Tumblr and Twitter. I'm pretty pathetic.
In good company! I had a hard time liking it at first - my only exposure to it was through Buffy x-over fix-its where either John didn't die or the Apocalypse never started. Funny how that's when things only started getting interesting.