11/20/12: fragments

the world stops, the world stops, the world ends,
the world ends.
no one notices.

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Thanks. Is that a delicate way of saying 'depressing'? I was really stressed out over a lit exam. I was also getting really sick of dystopian poetry. Throw in show like 'Revolution' and there you go! I'm under no illusions that this is by any means original. Thanks for commenting!

Nice to hear from you! I hope everything is going well!
No. It is a way of me being Mr Spock when he raises and eyebrow and goes "Interesting" then talks about it for ten minutes and it is the plot of the ep. It is kind of like Teal'c when he goes "Indeed". It means it made me think and I agree with the idea.

I watch Revolution and love it.

I read it over about 6 times when I saw it. It kept having different meanings to me.

The world stops then ends and no one notices makes me think that something has happened in our own personal world. Something ends and no one else but us notices it.

Then I thought it could also be for mourning something lost that was only important to you or even the death of a loved one and other people's worlds just keep going, but your world has stopped because they are gone.

It then made me think that I myself might be oblivious to other people's worlds ending as in something bad happened that ended their own personal world and I have no idea. What if they wanted me to catch on but I didn't? What if they didn't want me to catch on and I didn't? Would it have mattered if I did? Would it have changed anything? Would it have made it better or worse?

Then I thought literately the world as in the planet.

Then I thought about the bad weather and how it is destroying entire towns and the rest of the country goes on functioning. You wouldn't even know if you didn't watch the news.

So, yes interesting as in Mr. Spock interesting. :)