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Class - I just Suppose I'm Not Accustomed...

...to skull caps and plaid. Plaid everywhere! My. Gosh. Also, angry young women who wish to rant about the Feminist viewpoint in Folklore. Is this just in Portland, or in every community college these days? Ack.

Also? Not happy with professors who don't complete their syllabus's and still think they live in the 1960's. I signed up for a literature course, not what this particular yahoo tried to serve me on a platter. For example, since he listed the university I earned my English MA in his credentials, after class I asked if he knew a few of the professors I knew who still actively teaching. Then he stated, "Oh, I don't know anyone, I just taught classes on-line."

Higher education is becoming about as bad as public education was twenty-five years ago, but now we pay for the privilege of badly organized curriculums directly through our pocketbook. But the school doesn't much care because, hey, most of their students are taking out student loans and receiving Federal and State grants. I really think the community college systems need some over-sight, especially the urban ones supporting multiple branches.

I really don't think it's just 'All right' for a temporary summer teacher to completely change a course parameters because he (or she) feels it's more important to focus on YouTube as a teaching tool and refocus the students into the professor's personal area of interest. When I asked the professor why he did this, he told me that it's only a 200 level course (200 level is the highest community college offers), so he really didn't see the big deal. Also, since it's summer the school offering the course doesn't seem to care what he does either.

It's not really important anymore. I dropped it.

Intro to Mythology was supposed to be fun, not a millstone around my neck.

/End rant.

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Don't go without sending a complain letter to the authorities, it's important ti managers to know what happend. Then, if they decided to do nothing, it lays in their consciencies.
About the Plaid, or the Teacher!

Yeah, I spoke with some of the other students who gave me the name of the Mythology teacher to take the class from in the fall. So I'm calming down. Apparently, I'm the only one with ruffled feathers over this particular professor; apparently I'm over-educated and I 'get what I pay for'. Whatever! BTW, this prof had 'whatever' sprinkled about five times throughout his section on attendance, which took an entire half page of the syllabus.

P.S. Thanks for the support!

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