Did Anyone Watch Ascension?

I was wondering who all watched Ascension on Syfy last night? I stopped watching after the girl yelled into the depths of Space, exclaiming that she wasn't afraid of the entity, or entities, watching her.

Did it get any more interesting after that?
I really wanted to watch it, but unfortunately missed it. Just the second episode of The Librarians. Booooo.
You know, this totally slipped my mind - I didn't watch the next two segments of it. Did you ever manage to see it?

I like The Librarians. ::grin:: Although, so far I've only seen the pilot. They film it in Portland. Maybe we can cross it over with Grimm!
I actually have all of Ascension downloaded XD And the first three episodes of The Librarian. I managed to watch about a half hour of the first part of Ascension (and I've seen the pilot of Librarians), but nothing else.

Ooo, a crossover would be fun :D
LOL! I only managed to sit through about an hour of the first part of Ascension. Maybe I just am losing more and more of my attention span as I get old, here. Or, maybe Ascension really is just that boring?
Haha, Ascension may have just been that boring - I don't hear anyone talking about it or anything. I'm tempted to google it, see if there's been any announcements. I mostly am interested in the world-building aspect. I caught a glimpse of a scene where this girl was like, "I might not be paired with him. I might as well have some fun until I am paired." And then she founced off in typical teenage fashion.

But, as always, this made me think of McShep, because I love them and I love that kind of fic. So what if John and Rodney lived on a generation ship and were Paired?
OMG! Now I'm going to have to watch Ascension and figure out what parts we can incorporate into our story!

Hmmm.... I already have a bunch of ideas (I did chores, so I had time to think whilst going through recycling and garbage - bleh. I always feel like I'm going to Hell when I fail to recycle something.)

Okay, I'm making a new post: Popkin16 and Innogen's Atlantis Generational Story to post ideas.