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bluenight361 - Livejournal Suspended Account Fiction Account?

For reasons unknown, LJ suspended Bluenight361 bluenight361.

I find this particularly annoying because this journal hosts the two awesome SGA stories: Residual Heat & Heat Source.

Does anyone know what is going on? Not only is the journal suspended, but all posts in fiction communities (and everywhere) are suspended as well. So anything this author wrote in places like sga_flashfic is now missing.

EDIT: I just found out you can still access these two stories with the Wayback Machine!
Residual Heat
Heat Source
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I was desperately hoping it was one of the many SGA fics I've saved over the years (I even have a copy of Rivier's Exigencies) but I can't seem to find it in my dropbox or in my Google Drive. Sorry :( I am super disappointed in both myself and LJ!
Yeah, this is why I've been desperately saving all the fanfic I like in Calibre. Can you deal with epubs? Do you know if anyone has even noticed the journal being down? For all we know the user got hacked. I just think it's weird that LJ blocked the author's public posts in other places. I did a search on her username, and didn't see any comments either.

I wonder what causes a journal to be suspended these days?
I have Calibre too, so I can definitely deal with epubs. I haven't seen anyone else mention the journal being down. It's possible they did something to get suspended, but I know that in the past LJ has suspended people's journals for no reason at all, so. It's definitely weird that not just their journal disappeared, but every post/comment they made on every community....maybe they'll notice and do whatever to make it come back?
Hey, I figured out you can access old SGA_flashfic via Wayback. I updated this entry. The Journal is still missing, though.
I thought you couldn't use the Wayback Machine on livejournal...what a great day! I'm saving copies of these immediately.
Correction - Older stuff on Flashfic is indexed....
I think it all depends on the settings you choose. You can choose to let the bots index your page. SGA Flashfic seems to be one of those sites that allow it. This is good, because otherwise the work would be gone from the Internet forever. I needed the original links - without those I wouldn't have found the stories again.

I don't know what other stories I might be missing because.... well, just don't know what else the author wrote. If the links exist somewhere referencing the work, and it was posted on flashfic sometime last decade, we can try to find the story.....

I'm just really disturbed at the rate fanfiction either disappears off the Internet, and can't even be accessed by Wayback. Not everyone posts on Wraithbait or Archiveofourown. I found some links referencing that don't work, and that site never allowed itself to be indexed, so all the fiction is gone - unless we know for certain it was one of the 'collections' that AO3 imported?

What if one day Area52 just goes 'poof'?

Oh, on another note I finally figured out what NSFW means. I mean, yeah, I felt like such a goofball. Me and acronyms don't always figure each other out! There are other initials I still don't get - I had to ask a friend what BAMF meant a few years ago - boy did she laugh at me!

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Re: Correction - Older stuff on Flashfic is indexed....
It's depressing to think about all the fic that has disappeared, but hey - you just figured out that fics posted to sga_flashfic might not all be lost. That's fantastic news :D

Some authors who posted their work to may have reposted to AO3? That's what a bunch of McShep authors have done. Or it's a collection that was imported...I wonder how one would figure that out? Does Area52 allow itself to be indexed? I've never thought to check. I am CONSTANTLY worried about wraithbait going down, even if it's indexed.

Haha, oh bb. Have you heard of Urban Dictionary? If you don't know the definition of something, go there first, before asking. Then you won't have to get embarrassed by asking! (It's what I do.)