3/15/09--Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March Madness - indeed! I just want to let you all know that I'm still here. Things have been crazy. I know lot of you are 'weeding' me out - actually have already done it.

I will try to get back to myself and social posting activities soon, as in someday sooner than the last time I promised 'soon'.

I have a second surgury consultation on the 17th -- after that things sloud be better. That, and getting a job, through what seems like years of unfinished business, and learning to just deal with life.


From the demented Treo
Uhm... Happy Birthday?
So, Happy Birthday. Ok, OK, a few days (week?) late. This is a milestone, right? ::grins::

...running away as she ducks the flying paperwads...
Good to 'See' You Too!

You have a new pic up! I probably owe you at least two stories now....

I learned my Treo is evil! Every time I saved a pic, it started posting it to my journal. ::PalmsFace:: How embarrassing. Well, you now know I've been trolling 'Twisting The Hellmouth' in search of distractions....
And now, House chores!
But now I have to do... *LAUNDRY*



Speaking of 'House', I haven't seen that show now since around last October!
How are you doing? I hope you are feeling better. I keep going then coming back to LJ, so I have been out of touch for a while.

Since last we talked, my 12 year old doggie died of cancer.

We have a new doggie called Dexter. He is a lumbering horse who is such a baby for a year old, but when something comes in the yard he growls with a deep grrrrr that scares even me...LOL!

My kittie Precious is still doing good. How is your cat doing?

*sends hug*