Grouply: Virus Activity - Only More Insidious

If you receive a "Please come join Grouply" in my name - please keep in mind that it was not sent with my permission. I emailed the head of the organization, who claimed that I actually gave permission for hundreds of thousands of invites to be sent out, based on the simple fact that we shared the same Yahoo Groups. Well, I did not. I authorized groups to be listed in my profile - not for each member of that group to be sent Spam.

Suffice to say, as things grew more and more out of control, I finally changed all my important passwords and deleted my Grouply account. Grouply is evil; and worse, the head of the organization claims that it is simply misunderstood and everything was a user error. I might have believed this if the email I received wasn't written in such a way which assumed that I had already canceled Grouply due to 'my bad experience' before I actually had, with absolutely no remorse. So I changed my Yahoo Groups passwords, my other important passwords, and changed my portrait picture to that of Highlander's 'Methos', in his flashback portrayal of 'Death' in Season Five's Revelations 6:8. I figure if people insist on trying to 'Date' me from my pic on Grouply, they should know what they are dealing with.

The shameful thing is that at first I liked the idea - but I didn't like invites going out in my name without my authorization to people I didn't know, or had no control over. The service may be in 'Beta' - but it's email marketing scheme does more damage than the Melissa email virus ever did.