Big Freaky Spiders that Move Faster Than a Cat! ::ACK::

Big Freaky Spiders?
The Size of a Quarter?
Big Bulging Eyes!
Furry legs, bent sharp angles
Scurrying across my comforter.

Fast Fast, so fast so hard to catch -
Kitty Kat can't catch - CATCH NOW!
Pounce pounce *Miou*
I can't catch; tearing apart boxes of books
Looking for that stupid spider....

Then ::SHUDDERS:: there it is, hiding -
Waiting, on the underside of my blanket,
At least that Notebook Cooler is good for something!
And it's not keeping my laptop from overheating.

::Gah - Spiders and Bed usually result in big bites somewhere on my face - shudders again:: Yeah, I would scoop it up and take it outside, but these things look too darn scary, not to mention they won't stay still - heck my cat can't even catch them. Silly cat, kills the good spiders and then the other ones run amok.

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Fortunately, haven't seen any since I killed the one in my room!

How have you been! What do you think about Atlantis becoming the new base for the Federation ::snigger:: (as long as it's parked in San Francisco - so lame! I still haven't seen most of the fifth season, but that's what I've been told)
I spoke way WAY too soon, and the thing bit me on my big toe. I have four neat little bumps where venom neatly got injected: one rear, three upper - heck, they look like a mini baby foot print of itchy icky. My stupid cat didn't even go after it. She actually GOT IN THE FREAKIN' WAY and it got to hide before I could find and kill it. Looking at my foot, looks like it bit the fleshy area above my big foot as well.

Hah! And my house-mate thought it would be best to scoot my bed right up against the wall. I don't think that arrangement is staying very long. Nu-uh. No way. Non!
OMG! I have been away from my computer for a little. How is it doing now...all gone and all better?
Yeah, and now, we have the insane time of National Novel Writing Month. My support group for process writing is over at mutable_cantos whethor you are writing or not. Come help us out! Please?