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Updates on the LJ Messenger

All right - the upside is that although we cannot register for MSN emails with LJ domains (was there really any question?), we do have the same access to the other MSN online benefits - such as:

- Skydrive 25 GB of Free online shared File-system per MSN Live ID (personal) - This is split up into public (along your network), private (just you), and special groups....

- Business Online 5 GB for Notes and Meetings and Shared Documents - think of it as a meeting system for really busy LJ Communities. Type in the Emails, the agenda's go out, and the feedback comes back in. Hey, we may be LJ, but heck, why NOT use MSN to the best of our advantage? After all, LiveJournal already made one deal with them, we might as well let them just how many of us our willing to use and pimp their services, yeah?

- The Business page also has a subscription domain, and a free web-hosting beta page, yada yada yada.... Feel free to explore to explore all that on your own.

Since so many of us have difficulty getting our DNS stuff forwarded to ... and ... however that is supposed to work, maybe MSN will be willing to work with us in setting up our Livejournal Blog to replace our usual MSN blog, and so on. It's worth a shot.

Oh, and we can link a hotmail, live, or xbox account domain address to our profile and still get email there.

Drawbacks to LJ Messenger:

1. No Vidcam/Microphone option so far.

2. When using a multi-tab browser, your 'conversation' disappears on you.

3. No way to save conversation histories automatically.

4. Can not be logged into LJ Messenger and MSN Messenger with the same ID at the same time.


Is Entering my name as 'Innogen LiveJournal' too simple? Since the profile really really wants us to enter a last name, if we all choose 'LiveJournal' or 'Livejournal', and make them public, then we should be able to find each other in the oh-so-wonderful MSN directory, right? I plan to transfer my many interests as well.
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MSN Clients & LJ Messenger
When you go online, check you options and explore! Which reminds me, I need to go change my last name to 'Livejournal' - Do you think it's a good idea?


BTW, I checked in on our other group - I figure out a good way to make a business notebook for that group. Can you send me... do you think everyone will get on line? I suppose it isn't important. I'll try that other client you mentioned as well....

Oh, and I really did have a tussle with a really big spider the other morning, and it was really freaky. It wasn't just bad poetry, honest!