Today, I offered to sell myself a Watch!

Spam on LJ? SO outta control. Does anyone have a clue how to get spammers not incorporate our LJ addresses into their cheap watch campaigns?

When I received an email from my very own LJ address, attempting to sell 'Josephine' a watch, I didn't know exactly how to feel: dismay and anger warred with a good dose of amusement. The irony in this particular case being I couldn't exactly place the LJ domain on the ban and delete list, or even ban myself since I run about ten different emails addresses.

While I'm partly annoyed, I'm also partly amused. In the meantime I think the LJ messenger really must go away since it's caused nothing but trouble since it manifested into my tiny little browser window. I think the whole deal with Microsoft served to draw the spammers' attention to the LJ domain to begin with, and without that attention we might not now suffer the 'Watch Spam Plague'.

Have I recently tried to sell any of you a watch, by chance? Let me know!

Does anyone else have an opinion of said goings on or said service?


It's curious - when other people's addresses got shanghaied for watch spam, I sent them notes to warn them. No one has done the same for me. Maybe I worry about things too much, or people just don't care. I haven't a clue?
I haven't noticed any spam from anyone anywhere, but then, *winces* I kinda immediately disable anything I don't understand on here and use no as a default for showing my friendslist or anything else, so maybe that's got something to do with it?

*passes over cookies and sends McKay and Zelenka to guard your computer*
I Shot The Sheriff ... uh... LJ Messenger
I killed LJ Messenger. The End. ::smirk::
Re: I Shot The Sheriff ... uh... LJ Messenger
*offers you a gun cleaning kit and some sexy soldiers to assist*