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mutable_cantos as NaNoWriMo INSANO Support!

Since I always maintained that mutable_cantos was a process writing area - a support writing group, a safe place to post among friends before posting to the big bad world. For the next few months, and especially for the month of November, I want to dedicate it as a NaNoWriMo support group. If you don't want your posts seen by the outside world simply lock them. Don't worry about the people signed up already - they are already writers who have been through everything or are another piece of me.

A friend has a word template that has things set up that allows us to type into word so we don't have to change a thing once we dump into the Main site's uh...template. Damn, I sound redundant. I am throwing everything into this, this year. I always keep saying I'm going to do it, but this year I committed. ::HeadDesk::

How many of you did I tell about the writing folder of original ideas (forget the fanfic of circular ideas - yeah, the state of my mind most of the time) dating back to my freshman year of high school?

I want you to post your random fragments, your free writes, and whatever comes to mind in mutable_cantos. All right? If I see something that seems worth exploring, I will pop up and say, 'HEY! what is this? Explore it a bit further?' I hope you guys will do the same thing for me, and for each other.

Remember, 50,000 words can be a compilation of original stories as well (I think?). Hell, who knows, maybe it will be enough for those of you bucking to get into an MFA program, or not. Some care, some don't. I still want a bloody Doctorate, coming from that blasted Pacific Northwest compulsory philosophy where we need education when we don't know what else to do with ourselves, except teach and write.
I'm actually writing agian. Though I'm not goiing to do Nano. It's always at a horrible time of year for me. I make most of my Christmas and November is my hardest working month for it. :-(

I did start a fic this week though. It's Sanctuary and very...odd for me. The thoughts of a man turning into a vampire and his fear at what he's becoming. You know me and my poor tormented men. :-D

Would you want me to post it here when I to the comm when I get it done?
Please! Or drafts, or pieces, scraps, works in a quilt that need to be filled in....

Still can't believe Oxt-- uh .. October is almost over....