Six-she walks in light

November - a Note

November evaded my list of favorite months since I was a girl. I think it goes beyond and earlier than when I was sixteen, when everything suddenly changed and life turned upside down and inside out, and the wolves chased me to deep within the safety of the local used bookstores.

November just always seems to herald the scarier things in life, ready or not, about to happen. Or, it just rains, and rains some more, with some truly soulful windstorms thrown in. Or it snows, falling flakes appearing almost hypnotic as you watch out the window, letting you know just how much work you will have to go through to clear six to eight inches off your car that evening, most likely under cover of the dark, of hardened snow slightly melted over ice. If you are lucky, your door handle will not break off when you pull the driver's side open.

November is, and always will be, much more frightening than Halloween.

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