Evil Dresden LOL!

So, recently koryou hooked me on 'Leverage'. Then my LA/ Hollywood/ LongDistanceFlirt connection laughed at me for at least fifteen minutes over the phone, because I live in Portland, and didn't realize Leverage is filmed here.

Yeah, yeah, I need to pay attention - see what happens when you isolate yourself too much?

Anyhow, I was a huge then Sci-Fi's 'Harry Dresden Files' from day one, to, well, now... (even if I have yet to read the last two books).

Enter 'Burn Notice', which I've noticed is another show just like 'Leverage', with just as odd a character assortment.

The Point: Evil Harry Dresden played some kind of maniac on both shows now. ::LOL::
Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows now. It's just a blast, fun and serious at the same time.
It's actually been renewed for 4, 5, and, 6 already. It comes back for the first half of 4 in the first week of June.
I approve of your Leverage approval! The ragtag team of misfits that shouldn't work but somehow turn into a crazy kind of family... Though I have to admit I'm watching for Hardison, Eliot, and Parker.
I have a thing for Timothy Hutton, I must admit. I always had, even in high school. koryou told me over and over again, that I should watch Leverage. Wish she told me why I would like it!


Now I need to track down a copy of 'Made in Heaven' and the soundtrack to it.

...and your sanity checked out as well? LOL! Don't worry, I know there's tons on your plate.

I, myself, and me, haven't left the house since my disastrous attempt of a vacation. Tons of paperwork still haunts me!

OK so I gave in and watched the first episode of Leverage. It was ok. Sort of funny seeing Saul Rubinek there (warehouse 13 wooo), but I *still* think Burn Notice is better, since I think the backstory is more compelling (spy gets burned, life goes on), whereas Leverage is almost entirely like Human Target...
Re: meh
Nah - watch a few more - I've watched Human Target quite a bit- very different *feel* to the show. This show is, in fact, so much like a BBC production (Hu$tle with Robert Vaughn ("Man From U.N.C.L.E.")") that I thought Gina *was* the same gal from HU$TLE the first time I watched ;>.

Lots more like Switch (1975, Albert & Wagner) in terms of being a caper show with a very sharp wit.

And Tim Hutton is a wonderful part of this group :>.
Re: meh
Yeah I watched a couple more, it's ok, but it's very episodic. Some of the other shows have threads that run through it and a lot more character development. I like the soundtrack it's very Oceans 11.
Re: meh
Ah - the threads/arcs are long ones - but the one between Nate & Gina is the longest. Nate's character dev is also the most complete.

Otherwise, yea, very much a series of episodic caper shows. Of course, I like that, so it works for me. And the writing is just *so* smart!