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V 2009 Renewed for November 2010 Return!

I'm in shock. One of my 'tiny fandoms', which I believed ABC doomed with a 10 pm timeslot, actually is returning in November 2010.

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I know, I was stunned, too. I heard their ratings were actually up a bit, despite the crappy schedule and huge break between episodes.
When I was fourteen or so, and the original came back as a series, I could hardly keep still in my skin as it premiered. Oh, it was *so* low budget and silly, but I remember loving every minute!

Did you know the Parents TV people rated the original V series as the most violent of the new network shows way back then, with 49 acts of violence an hour?

The new V doesn't really have a lot of violence, which I approve (since I'm old enough to be a parent). I noticed that there is a lot more intrigue and such, rather than violence. Plus, we still really don't have a clue as to what the Visitors want. ::grin::