Ashes to Ashes Ending

I reject the implications. (Revised, the LOM implications of one particular character's actions)

Five plus years of stuff leads to 'Ashes to Ashes' 3x8.

I think I like the American ending to 'Life on Mars' better.

NOTE: Thread discussion is rife with spoilers.
I found it moving, but does this mean Sam actually jumped to get back to a world may not have existed?

Or, did Sam never wake up from his coma, and his stint in the future just a part of his process, including sending his story to Alex.

Who, in turn, would have had to have been in her own hospital bed before Sam was in his. Otherwise, Sam gave up a life in reality because the 1970's were more real to him, and that is upsetting.

Or, here is a twist: Sam never had an accident, never went through the things that Alex read about him. All of it was in prep for her trip to the 80's?

The revelations about Gene are absolutely heartbreaking, but it's the whole Sam-Alex-Chicken-Egg and what came first that is doing a number on my head.

What do you think?
Sam woke up from his coma, then jumped and died, and went back to CopLimbo leaving behind the information for Bolly to know.

BOlly never woke up, she just thought she had because she'd read the information and thought she was having the same journey.
I re-watched, and reassessed. I loved the last episode of Ashes to Ashes. I found the last scene tremendously amusing, even. I just felt...upset about the fact that Sam really did jump off a building when he should have learned to live again. But again, this leads back to personal issues from childhood, rather than creative differences - and to much religious thundering from my great-grandmum.
I didn't like it, either. It was really disappointing.(And the ending of the American LOM was so terrible, I was LMAO.)
Major Tom, Little Scarecrows, Potential Daddy Issues - ::grin::
I American version of LOM was off - I really wish they stuck with the pilot version of Annie - I liked the across much better. PM me if you never saw it.

My housemate just laughed at the whole 'Major Tom' reference. Now there's a Car Commercial here in the states with a souped up refrain of 'Major Tom' playing to advertise, and he keeps pointing out to me how 'Major Tom' dies in the song. So, who, in their right mind, would buy the car if they know that song at all? ::snicker::

Still, you have to keep in mind KUDOS had creative control over the direction the American version LOM went, and had approval/veto rights for/over every single script. So, in a way, they were teasing the audience all through A2A's third series with starscapes and the Astronaut references. I half expected them all to wake up from extremely fraked up sims in the end. My housemate thought that Gene might be in a Coma as well; but..., at least he wasn't 'Major Tom' ::giggle:: and didn't call Sam and Alex his 'little scarecrows' in the end. I don't think Alex would ever get over it if she was in a sim where she was have romantic feelings for her father. Talk about Daddy issues!
Ooh, I was afraid of that. I stopped watching after season one; worth it to catch up?
Yes, Catch UP! It is worth it, Really!
Season One was odd, and no one really thought it would get renewed, but it did. The second season was absolutely phenomenal, and the third was worth it. I just have unresolved issues about the last episode of LOM because of my own Mum. So yes, it is worth the sixteen hours to marathon and catch up.