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Evil Harry Dresden (Paul Blackthorne) - Next Sunday on 'The Gates'

Paul Blackthorne is making an Evil Harry Dresden (as I dub them) appearance next Sunday on 'The Gates'! I should badger a certain script supervisor I know (Barry Caldwell, overworked and underpaid), but as the crew is already filming episode Nine or Ten, and next Sunday's is only episode Three, I shall have to make do with missing out.

I wonder if Paul Blackthorne ever plays the good guy anymore?

The Gates is a supernatural summer series, currently airing Sundays, 10 pm, on ABC. Check out the official web page here.

Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files
I know, at first I could had trouble recognizing him. Then he turned up in the Leverage two part second season finale, and the cast seemed to be mold...hard, like porcelain? Meh, so much for my similes.
i wish i could watch Leverage. i like all the players, and i know one of the writers, but it just doesn't scratch the itch. though, YAY for his being on it. keep him close, i say. :D