Never Wear Anything You Don't Want to Be Caught Dead In? - My Quote Today?

Well - my Franklin Covey isn't going to waste. No way! I made a quote oracle by cutting all the quotes off the tops of the pages and throwing them into a wooden box.l

I'm not sure they are always inspiring:


'Does fashion matter? Always -- though not quite as much after death.'
What a lovely sentiment by Joan Rivers.

Guh, and I'm turning 40 soon. EEK. Could the message be never wear anything I would want to be caught dead in? ::snerk:: I know this isn't what these words are supposed to inspire, but I can't help but think that thought, you know?

Things could be more confusing: My house-mate pulled: 'The needle of our conscience is as good a compass as any. --Ruth Wolff' He got absolutely no inspiration out of it. Bummer.

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HAAHAAHAA I actually seem to get relevant quotes from fortune cookies, that then get posted to my office door.

Fashionable until death hum? All those pesky well dressed vampires in pop culture must dislike Joan Rivers :)
So much for my Oracle. I never bloody use it; all the bloody pieces of paper live in a box! ::Gah!::