Power Walk Thwarted - Getting Over Agoraphobia the Extreme Way?

So I'm getting ready for a power walk. It's raining cats and dogs. I'm in denial about my age. Oh, it's ten pm and I can't find my walking sneakers.

I even have my taser - 4.5 Million Volts.

Not that I would ever need it in a doctor's office or a grocery store. But, Hey! At least I want to walk around the Nike Complex.

So what if the time is strange and it's raining heavily.

Only, the taser doesn't help me find my stupid sneakers!!!!


Bought myself an Ipod 5th gen nano and the nike+ function is amazingly motivating -I'm not sure how it works but its neat.
Re: walking
Nike function? Can the Ipod keep track of shoes? ::Thwack:: I think I am losing my mind early....

Are you writing a book this month? Want to visit for some writing sessions? Work bugging you? ((Hugs))
My iPod broke and I am not motivated to walk right now - too chilly and damp! But I need to get out of my apartment far more than I have this last week. Starting to feel self isolated again!
Oh, I know all about self-isolation! Eeek. I could write a book about it... but since I haven't solved my issue, that would only perpetuate it, right? So, I will stick to fanfic or fantasy....

I was caught off guard tonight. Updated Frin and BNS. Now I just feel tired and messed up.

Last night I watched all the new V episodes - got the Blue Ray in the can. I'm really annoyed that they won't play any new episodes until January 2011! I finally decided that I found Joshua's character completely adorable - and yes, I'm still in denial about my B-day....

Oh, are you writing a book? I bought a cool new writing program! Can't make heads or tails, but.... It seems neat!