Time to Change the Desktop Theme, Again; or, Life Changes and Travel

Well, I'm actually not at home for once. Strangely, I'm still uneasy about sightseeing, as life is LA, California is rather insane. Listening to tales my step-dad and brothers tell me about the past umpteen years really makes me glad that I am staying in a back bedroom. And good grief, the prices on everything here are outrageous - from cough syrup to Pedialyte (good for migraines and hangovers, which were aplenty after the Gallifrey One convention I got smashed at).

The good news? I made some new friends.

The bad news? The are in places again other than where I'm currently at: UK, San Diego, San Francisco, etc....

Oh, and I found the answer for one of my new British friends what happens if you get caught with certain illicit substances in CA - no problem as long as it's under one pound in a single bag. The trick, by brother says, is that it must all be in a single bag, or it's an 'intent to distribute' on your record, or maybe they just deport you if you are from the UK. I personally find it all completely crazy, because if you get caught with that in Oregon, you go to jail. And no, I'm not being Dead Pan. California culture is very foreign to me, I'm afraid; I'm still a very naive little girl in my advancing years.

Tomorrow: San Pedro Old Town and Tourist Traps. Thursday: Costco, Grocery Shopping, and ::HandThump:: Victoria's Secret Return. By end of month: Acquiring a Life.

Allison: I think this is my grown up journal, even if I never grow up ::lol:: !

I miss my cat!
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Whenever I travel I intensely miss my cats and used to have anxiety dreams about them! I totally understand :)

I find drug rules in the USA so confusing - one country I would NOT want to be caught doing anything drug related. I had Cdn friends put in jail for giving a mushroom cap to an undercover cop on the way to Burning Man festival. Craziness.

I find some places a bit intimidating to explore on my own - CA would be one place where I'd want to be with friends.

And yeah for making new friends, even of they are not local :) Friendships are good for the soul :)

I can't believe that it's almost a year.... Well, Three months until I need to get all my applications, GRE tests, letters of recommendation (I'm still one short due to academic death...)... So when I say crazy, I'm really going crazy. Tenar died last month or so, and now I have a five month old kitten. Tenar was 17 years and a few months. It was time, I guess - she's the Coon in the icon at the moment.