Surreal Fringe - Mild Spoilers

Last night's Fringe episode seemed one of the most surreal that I've seen in a long time. I felt prepared to give up on the show when this Universe's Olivia became infected/possessed by L.Nimoy/W.Bell. Seeing Agent Boil trip out on LSD was, well, a trip.

In the end, the Crime was in Her Mind - ala Inception, and people and projections were running around looking for/trying to kill Olivia's consciousness against a cartoon Dreamscape. This is one job Walter really could have used Ariadne on, rather than just drug everyone with LSD and hook them up together! ::snerk::

I'm glad it's back on the air after its impromptu vacation, and really do hope it renews for a fourth season, because I'm curious about an assasin character introduced in the Dreamscape.

On the Doctor Who fan fiction front, maybe Zeppelin AU's just aren't that stable and Pete's world is about to collapse because of what the American Fringe Division is up to! ::snerk::
Oh, haven't you heard? Fringe has indeed been renewed for another season.
Thank You!
Thanks for letting me know! I thought the show was a goner when it moved to Friday nights. I'm so glad I was wrong.
I love Fringe! I liked the interaction when Peter started to trip out and whispered that he thought B was one of the Observers. LOL! I re-winded it and watched that part again. Walter is always amusing. When W and P were running to the car and Walter said something about him driving it was so funny.
I will have to rewatch for the car comment! When P started talking about B's observedness, I near cracked up. I thought W would have to stab P with drugs or trick him into taking them.... LOL, not a family, seven pm show....