Insanity and GRE Exams!

I believe I'm going insane studying for my Graduate Entrance Exams! I need to take two! The General, and the format changed twice since 1994, and the Subject GRE English in Literature Exam. Add my procrastinating nature and the fact my mind just generally atrophied since I was last in Grad School, my fears tend to take over in the deep dark of night about the great failure I must certainly already exist as! (My other fear is the whole passive thing about "To Be" and all tenses of. Ser o no ser, for example.)

Plus, I have to get my act together if I want to get back into school! Ugh!
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Totally hear you on that. I'm still trying to work myself up to apply and take the GRE. I know that once I'm actually back in school I'll love it. It's just getting there that's the hard part!
I'm in a Kaplan prep course.... But you are right, I really need to actually sign up for the actual tests. I have to apply for some dispensations - Time, paper instead of computer (I'm trying to decide the best way to alleviate the anxieties), and other stuff....

Getting back into the school is hard, especially when programs want letters of recommendation and my professors from fifteen years ago. Those seem really hard to track down: letters and professors.
GRE general hasn't changed since 2009, right? It's actually not that hard. Though, admittedly, I did luck out because the math section I did badly was the fake one lol It's a little algebra, a little geometry, some more basic stuff. And reading and writing was pretty much just standard test stuff. Just don't cram the night before, because it's useless and you don't want to be tired for it.

Oh, and do a test run to the testing center, because mine ended up having freaking construction on the main road and I would have been late lol
Yeech, it just changed formats this August. Fortunately, the math section isn't really that important for the program I want. I still feel really frustrated with stupid things like factoring, and not knowing how the heck to construct equations anymore. Bleh!

Oh, and the fact that my vocabulary took a huge dive lately just keeps coming back to haunt me....
I can see why you'd be nervous/anxious. But I'd think it's also exciting? Going back to school will bring a lot of good things too, I hope? Still. I can definitely understand your anxiety. Testing always makes me worry so hard, I'm nearly sick with it. I wish you the best of luck!
Thanks! I still need to sign up, and I suspect it will dent my bank account a lot!

Oh, BTW, I think I figured out the end of this year's Doctor Who season. LOL! I have a theory, anyway.
GREs are what stopped me from wanting to do grad school in the USA (I am USA/CDn and could study in both countries). For Sociology, the GREs had little to do with what I studied in Sociology in Canada, so I said screw it!

Kudos to you for sitting 2 GREs!!! But if it gets you back in school, yeahs!!